International Symposium

The Kevin Barry Recital Room

National Concert Hall


26 April 2017

Organized by the Society for Musicology in Ireland
About Public Musicology

Organized by the Society for Musicology in Ireland

In association with the Society for Music Analysis

Symposium Chair
Dr Lorraine Byrne Bodley
President of the SMI

Symposium Coordinator
Dr Barbara Strahan

This international one-day symposium on Public Musicology, organized by the Society for Musicology in Ireland, is in accordance with the aims of that society: to nurture and highlight the role of music in education and broader society on a national and international platform. The aim of this symposium is to ask how musicology relates to the ‘public voice’, the voice of culture at large. At a time when the government is calling for a new level of connectedness between higher education and wider society, academics are under increasing pressure to address this issue of civic engagement. Additionally, as many of our doctoral graduates do not follow an academic career path, there is an urgent need to offer alternative pathways to graduate students forging a career beyond the academy.

Our eleven guest speakers will explore a diverse range of themes: careers in and beyond musicology, community-based projects, curating concerts and issues of programming, musicology in journalism, musicology and civic engagement, music theory, musicological entrepreneurship, public musicology in Ireland, public musicology projects, and musicology and the media. This symposium aims to bring together the published scholar but also the journalist, the writer of programme notes, the teacher, the radio broadcaster and any others in a position to affect the wider discourse on music. The primary objective of the symposium is to raise awareness of how music scholars, educators, music journalists and industry professionals engage with the public at large.


Keynote Speaker:
 Prof. Christopher H. Gibbs

Bard College | New York

President of SMI:
Dr Lorraine Byrne Bodley MRIA | Maynooth University

Prof. Harry White MRIA | University College Dublin
Prof. Julian Horton | Durham University
Dr Anne Hyland | University of Manchester
Dr Stephen Graham | Goldsmiths
Dr J. Griffith Rollefson | University College Cork
Dr Aidan Thomson | Queen's University, Belfast
Dr Alexandra Buckle | Oxford University
Dr Melanie Marshall | University College Cork
Dr Deirdre Ní Chonghaile | NUI Galway

Keynote Speaker
Professor Christopher H. Gibbs
Bard College | New York

Christopher H. Gibbs is James H. Ottaway Jr. Professor of Music at Bard College, Co-Artistic Director of the Bard Music Festival, and Executive Editor of The Musical Quarterly. He edited The Cambridge Companion to Schubert, co-edited Franz Liszt and His World and Franz Schubert and His World, and is the author of The Life of Schubert. He is the co-author, with Richard Taruskin, of The Oxford History of Western Music, College Edition. Since 2000 he has written the program notes for The Philadelphia Orchestra.

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Tickets are €10 which includes tea and coffee and admission to all sessions, including the keynote address by Professor Christopher Gibbs.

Students can attend for free but must purchase a student ticket.

Please note that there will be a wine reception following the symposium.

The Kevin Barry Recital Room
National Concert Hall | Dublin

Wednesday 26 April 2017

The Kevin Barry Recital Room,
National Concert Hall,
Earlsfort Terrace,
Dublin 2,

Ph:         +353 (0)1 417 0077